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What's New with DocQ: May 2022 version

May 4, 2022
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It’s Gonna be May—can we officially say goodbye to those cold-weather months? I don’t know about you, but February seemed to last forever, while March and April passed in a blink of an eye.

When you think of May, what comes to mind? Do you think of Mother’s Day or of getting out of school or of preparing for summer vacation? Well here at DocQ, we are thinking about new platform functionalities that will help you automate your processes. Check them out below!

JPG for Your Signature

Previously, DocQ only allowed users to upload .png files for their signatures. Now you can upload images of your signature in JPG format. JPG is a common image extension and you can now use it within the e-sign solution embedded in DocQ.


Initial Value for Template Variables

Document templates are a powerful functionality in DocQ. Recently we had a client ask, “ Is there a way to copy answers from a previous form into the next form and candidate before clicking finish to send?” Ask and you shall receive! Now you can define the initial value for each of the variables within the templates. To check out this new feature, go to templates in your DocQ and edit its variables.

Rejection Route in Notifications

Now you can determine what DocQ should do when a notification, via email, fails to be sent by our mailing service. That is, you can customize your workflows and the actions or steps that should be taken in order to react to a notification that has not been delivered to its destination. Every new release, the customization in workflows becomes more and more powerful!

On The Go

Have you tried to create a workflow on your phone? Next to impossible, right? DocQ has now formatted the steps list to take up less space on a smaller screen. You can now view the steps in a single column in which you can scroll vertically to select what you need. This makes working on the go just a little easier for you. 


And there you have it! Another month of features and you missed it as well, DocQ 2.0 has renamed itself Voyager. We wanted to reflect exactly what we anticipate for this year. Many updates, many new features. The spirit of growth! We are striving to grow and get better on what we do every day for you!

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