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What’s New with DocQ: February 2022 version

February 11, 2022
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February is here and love is in the air! ❤️ No really, we are absolutely without a doubt in love with DocQ 2.0. Like boombox serenade 🎵 in love – this is serious business.

As always, each new release of DocQ brings many treats and goodies. Hint, hint, nudge, nudge … Valentine’s Day is just around the corner. DocQ 2.0 does not disappoint and we went big with this release.

Alright full transparency here … all I hear is John Cusack in a phone booth saying "I gave her my heart, she gave me a pen".

Getting back to DocQ 2.0 – let’s dig in.

All New Interface

Whaaaatttt? You may be asking yourself. Did they really build an entirely new interface? Yep we did – full credit to our phenomenal team! After months and months of hard work on this top secret project we rolled out a brand new gorgeous interface.🤩 It has been so hard to keep this secret but we are so happy that we did. Our team here at DocQ is the bee’s 🐝 knees but we want to send an extra big shoutout to the team for their work on this big project. We think you’ll agree that it’s pretty cool – get in there and take a look around. The new interface is cleaner, friendlier and easier to use than the original interface. Don’t worry, everything is still there just in a bit more intuitive spot dressed up and ready to shine. ✨

If you just read this and are wondering where the new interface is, please hang tight. We did an initial release to a select set of instances and will release to everyone shortly.

DocQ 2.0 Login screen

DocQ 2.0 Template screen

Improved Auditing

Now we know that auditing isn’t nearly as fancy as a new interface but we would argue it’s pretty ✅ dang important. With that in mind, we’ve upped the audit game within DocQ. Now audit functionality within DocQ isn’t new however we’ve added some extra features. Now you can see which documents have been opened, how long users spent on each page as well as when the documents were closed. You can see this new information by opening a document and clicking on ‘Analytics’ on the right hand side.

DocQ 2.0 Analytics screen

New File Type Supported – PPTX

DocQ now supports PPTX/MS Powerpoint files! That is pretty exciting and on top of that you can even convert the PPTX to PDF, collect signatures and use these files within DocQ just as you have with other file types. In addition, you can edit the content of PPTX which saves multiple steps eliminating the need to download, edit and then re-upload. This is just one more way that DocQ is making things just a little bit easier.

New Workflow Step - Renaming a File

You can now rename a file while it is running through its workflow. In true fashion, we didn’t limit this functionality to just the filename. Now you can tag/untag the document with groups and define file conversions as well. 🙌

Hide Variables Value

Most documents created from templates utilize the variable functionality. When using this to create documents from templates, the data entered as the variables become part of the document’s metadata. Now you can define which variables should not be visible within the document, meaning they exist but they are not visible to the end user. What is even cooler is that the values can still be used to send the documents down conditional workflows – just a bit of behind the scenes magic. 🦄

New Help Section

Now with a simple click from within DocQ you can submit a support ticket. Scroll down on the left hand menu to ‘Help’ and you’ll be in the right place. Just fill out the fields and keep in mind screenshots are incredibly helpful then hit ‘Submit’. The team will review and be back with you shortly.

DocQ 2.0 Help screen

We’ve also linked our wiki pages from within this same tab so they are always at your fingertips! If you haven’t perused the DocQ wiki site yet, you are missing out. We add to it pretty much constantly and it’s full of explanations and guides on DocQ’s ever expanding functionality.

DocQ 2.0 Documentation screen

Well that’s it for now but we are excited for what’s next. 2022 is feeling fresh and new and we think it’s going to be our best yet! We’ve got lots more excitement in store for this year and we’ll make those announcements as soon as we possibly can.

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