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Ukraine Refugee Transportation Support

March 4, 2022
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As the unfortunate situation continues to unfold in Ukraine, we along with many others wondered what we can do to help. We put our heads together with the team at HokoCloud to brainstorm ways we could work together to provide support Ukrainian relief efforts. We came up with a plan of action and then the teams got to work doing what they do best – problem solving. The next 24ish hours were spent in constant collaboration which yielded a transportation pairing application for Ukraine refugees and volunteers.

Ukrainian refugees, volunteers and people and/or organizations assisting with the Ukrainian relief efforts, can go to to register. From here, you provide your information including your current location and destination in a quick and easy way. The application will then match refugees needing assistance with volunteers in the surrounding area that are available to provide transportation.

I am a Refugee

Navigate to the application, and select the refugee button. You will be taken to a form where you can fill in information needed to match you will a driver. Once the form is submitted, your needs will be made available to volunteers where the pairing will take place. Once you have been paired, you will receive an email notification with the information of the driver who will be assisting you.

I Want to Help

Navigate to the application, and register as a driver. Once registered, the application will allow you to search for refugees needing assistance and select those that you can help.

I Want to Help (but I'm not in the geographic area)

HokoCloud is currently in Moldova assisting a refugee center – follow them on Instagram as they post ways we all can assist from afar.

What's Next

The web application is currently up and running and available for immediate use (in Ukrainian and English). The teams are continuing to add enhancements and features to make the process of pairing refugees in need of transportation with volunteers willing to help as smooth as possible.

It is unfortunate what’s happening with the people of Ukraine, and more so unfortunate that we cannot do more to affect the changes that are needed to stop this event. However, we do hope that this application, in some small measure, will help assist those in need. - Jason Kadarusman, CEO at DocQ
The nightmare Ukranians have to endure during their journeys between their homes and their final destinations in the EU is beyond description. Being physically in Moldova, I am seeing first hand the impact of such sacrifice, and we need, as a community, to shorten as much as possible the overall time spent by Ukranians on this journey, by matching them with transportation as soon as possible. We hope this web application might bring some relief to those that need it so much. - Rui Gago, CEO of HokoCloud

Our ask is that you please share this free tool with friends and family so we can aid in assisting as many Ukrainian refugees as possible.

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Rachel Bucher

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