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Focusing on Human Capital

June 27, 2022
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Originally posted on HR Dive.

Human Resources is fundamentally broken. A bold statement but according to Forbes, HR professionals are spending about 86% of their time on admin work. In a typical 40 hour work week, that leaves only five hours each week to focus on the company’s human capital, its single most important asset. Five hours a week means an hour a day to effectively manage the full spectrum of the employee-employer relationship. That is an impossible task that simply does not scale, yet somehow it’s accepted today as the norm.   

Many companies are still using manual spreadsheets and email to facilitate HR processes. Email is a brilliant solution to communication in many ways but it’s only one of the many HR tools available. HR teams are still commonly sending documents via email to candidates who then print them, fill them out, scan them, reattach and send them back via email, this is a waste, not only in time but also paper. Even more, most onboarding processes include additional paperwork such as background checks, benefits packages, issuing badges, equipment, etc. each with their own paper form that gets printed and then inevitably scanned and sent via email to the appropriate owner for next steps. This “norm” does not scale, and moreover contributes to the 400+ million metric tons of paper per-year that end up in the trash. That is $120 billion per year that companies in the US are “throwing” away.

Another pain point for most HR departments is siloed systems each serving a specific HR function. One tool for payroll, another for recruiting, one for talent management, and on and on. The HR department must understand how to use each and every tool and key data must exist in each system, so the team winds up entering the same data in every system. The worst part is that most HR tools don’t inherently play nice with others so the team resorts to manual data entry and manual data pulls to compile manual reports across multiple systems. Basically, to create the “ideal” system, companies end up spending time and money to develop custom integrations between systems, which could lead to more time, resources and money that could otherwise be spent elsewhere, such as in scaling their hiring and recruiting.  

Your business should decide the technology that you use, not the other way around. With that in mind, DocQ is not in the business of replacing any of the HR tools that you currently use. Those HR tools are there for a reason. However, what DocQ does is to integrate, digitize and automate the process, and make all those tools play nice with each other, creating a cohesive HR ecosystem where they relay only the required or pertinent data with each other. And the best part of it all, no coding, outsourcing a development team and/or technical skills necessary. DocQ is a no-code platform that is easily configured by a bunch of clicks. 

Use Case

One of our customers, a top Boston area hospital, took two weeks to onboard a new hire and with DocQ the time was reduced to two hours. The best part - only one thing in their process was changed.

The only thing changed is how they request onboarding paperwork to be populated by new hires. DocQ converted all 36 pages of tax documents, benefits, bank information and other paper forms into digital forms. With this change, all required fields are validated, and repeated fields (such as first/last name) are populated once, removing all potential human errors that could have been made with paper forms. With this move to digital data collection, that data can now be sent to all the different software/systems that require it downstream, such as payroll, benefits, IT and HR. One simple change resulted in a massive impact.

What DocQ can do for you

Think of DocQ as a way to take all your existing HR related tools and put them onto a tangible flow diagram that works, without messy duct tape or drippy glue to connect them. Our integration is seamless with only the parts you care about. And, honestly the real best part about this is the fact that you as a company are making real change in the world, because for every document that goes through DocQ, you’re reducing the amount of paper that ends up in the trash AND helping in our reforestation efforts. 

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Rachel Bucher

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