What’s New with DocQ: October 2021 version

Break out the sweaters, boots and pumpkin recipes – fall has officially arrived!

October is one of the most celebrated months for fall and here at DocQ we are celebrating too! Our 1.4 release has major improvements for some of the many plugins we offer, with the SmartRecruiters plugin taking center stage this month. Check out the changes we made to it along with a few other enhancements we launched this month below.

SmartRecruiters Plug-In

Over the last month, we challenged our development team to make this plugin better and boy did they deliver. The team put their heads together and delivered a plugin that is robust, scalable and resilient. The connection between DocQ and SmartRecruiters just became better than ever.

Disclaimer: This writeup won’t do full justice to the work that was done but let’s run through the highlights.

Don’t worry we’ll try not to dive too deep into the technical details.

First, we modified the way in which the plugin was communicating with SmartRecruiters by reducing the number of requests running between the two platforms as well as the time taken to process them.

Next, we reduced the auxiliary information needed to process the webhooks by refactoring our code base to load it once per bucket of requests versus with every individual request.

Finally, we implemented 24 hour caching on the DocQ side for data loaded from SmartRecruiters. This means that information that doesn’t change very often such as candidate profile, application properties, job details and hiring team, won’t be loaded with every event.

And one more thing just because.

As an added bonus you can now pull values from SmartRecruiters – which is seriously cool. When the “Initial value from SR field” is set, this feature can be used for custom candidate and customer job fields.

SmartRecruiters Plugin DocQ Dropdowns

There was much more that went into the new plugin but all in all we’ve increased performance and decreased processing time which is the kind of tangible results we strive for.

Defining Metadata When Merging Documents

We have added options to define the metadata when you merge documents together. To do this, a drop-down list has been created for you to select which document’s metadata you will be prioritizing. In the case where the merged documents have variables with the same name, you can simply select which metadata from the document you want and it will be prioritized.

SmartRecruiters Marketplace

Last but certainly not least we are very pleased to announce that we are officially live in the SmartRecruiters marketplace. The marketplace is a place to find all your recruitment apps and services from inside SmartRecruiters which is pretty cool.  So, if you use SmartRecruiters now you can easily navigate and ‘add on’ DocQ to make onboarding a breeze. Check out the overview below:

“SmartRecruiters’ DocQ integration accelerates your hiring and onboarding processes for both the hiring team as well as the candidates. With one click you can convert document templates into webforms for easy and secure information collection. These forms can contain placeholders for E-signature collection if needed. Candidate form distribution is seamlessly executed utilizing automated triggers and the completion of a form can trigger an automatic update to the SmartRecruiters hiring status. From start to finish the SmartRecruiters’ integration with DocQ saves time and simplifies the process for your company and its future employees.”

Overall, we have had a busy month! Did we mention we also attended the HR Tech Conference in Las Vegas this past month? You can read all about it here.

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