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New DocQ Logo (8/1/2021) - We are super excited to unveil this new logo. We look different, but all of our core values that made us successful as a business and organization are still the same.
What’s New with DocQ: July 2021 version (7/29/2021) - Hot new features in July: new eSign, Webform dropdowns and Rich Text Variables!
DocQ turns 1 (kinda sorta) (6/3/2021) - In all honesty, the first release of DocQ was around this time in 2019. But, it was more of a PoC at that point, and with the pivot which ultimately resulted in a relaunch of DocQ a year ago is really when we started counting.
Dynamic, flexible and no code workflows (5/3/2021) - DocQ provides its users with the capability of defining workflows following an IFTTT logic, bringing lots of flexibility to the definition of the document journey within the many departments and tasks involved within a given process. IFTTT stands for If This Then That. Basically, an IFTTT workflow allows users to define conditions to a variety of multiple possible paths within a process.
Saving the World, One DocQ-ment At a Time!​ (4/21/2021) - On a special day like today, we wanted to take some time to cover something a little less business, and a little more sustainability. Taking care of the planet is something that we overlook and it shouldn't be.
Automate and be more efficient (4/1/2021) - No one from the Document Management industry will tell a business or organization that they are currently handling their contracting process in the wrong way. That’s simply not good business practice. But could they tell them that there are ways to be addressing these contracting needs more efficiently? Absolutely.

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