Case Study: Onboarding? No problem, DocQ does that

A Boston medical center came to DocQ with a problem and a question. The main question being: how can we make our process of managing nearly 12,000 applicants per year more efficient?

The facility is a 415-bed, academic medical center that provides everything from basic care to emergency services. Being a facility of this size, they are flooded with applications daily from recent students and others who are inclined to work with some of the top doctors and medical cases in the country. The volume of new daily new applications was leading to breakdowns and inefficiencies in the hiring workflows, which led them to re-evaluate their current onboarding processes.

Before they knew that DocQ was an option for them, they were handling the entire hiring and employee onboarding process manually. From candidate applications being submitted, to phone screens, to notifications for background checks, all the way to onboarding forms being sent out, each step was being handled manually.

Fortunately, they implemented SmartRecruiters, a leading Applicant Tracking System (ATS) platform, which has a very extensible offering in terms of managing job postings, talent acquisition and candidate management. In spite of that, they still required an integration with their HRIS solution, along with filling in a gap to bring their talent acquisition to the 21st century: going digital or paperless. With those goals in mind, DocQ with SmartRecruiters plugin was pitched as a solution.

With DocQ and SmartRecruiters, this customer can now automate their entire talent acquisition process. Utilizing SmartRecruiters’ webhook as a trigger point, DocQ can easily interject when the event (in this example, when applicant has accepted the offer verbally) occurs and send out the desired onboarding documents to applicant automatically.

Once the webhook of an event is setup, further automation can be determined through DocQ’s simple yet powerful workflow engine. Below is a screenshot how the workflow is setup within DocQ from point of where a candidate has populated onboarding forms that were sent out automatically by the webhook:

New Hire Workflow

As shown, in the first step of the workflow, an email of the populated onboarding form will be sent to the applicant to be eSigned. Once that eSignature is captured, DocQ’s SmartRecruiters plugin maps captured values within the onboarding form to a CSV file, that will be dropped into a location of their choosing, and consumed by their HRIS and Payroll solution. Lastly, a customized notification is sent to notify the hiring team that the applicant has completed all onboarding forms.

Ultimately, DocQ has been able to come together and meet and exceed this customer’s needs. Instead of up to 3 hours of work per applicant, now it only takes them minutes, using the features of DocQ that they are utilizing.

We are very excited to continue to partner with this customer and simplify their process and most importantly make their processes more efficient. The more time we can save them on onboarding, the more time they will have to focus on the cases at hand within the facility.

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