Accelerate your organization with No Code Automation

DocQ lets your users automate the most complex processes within your organization with ease. All of it without needing to write any code.

Workflows that manage any
business process

Create custom workflows that mimic any of your business processes on an easy user interface designed for all users within your organization. Simplify and automate your company’s processes, whether you need data gathered from multiple sources (like CRM, HRIS, ERP, etc.), or to store data within these systems.

Parallel or sequential approvals, complex decisions based on conditions, and even things like retention policies or reminders can all be built right into workflows that your users can create themselves.

Rules powered by a Decision Engine

Create event and data driven rules to deal with conditions that are important to your workflows. DocQ’s Decision Engine brings true flexibility with simplicity for your business processes.

Approvals the way
you need them

Whether your workflow requires parallel, sequential, or even conditional approvals, DocQ has you covered. Easily define your requirements, custom statuses, or even ad-hoc approvers. All actions by users are tracked in an audit trail that makes compliance simple.

Multi-System automations

DocQ is designed to work with all the systems your company uses. CRMs, ERPs, HRISs and ATSs are just some of the type of systems DocQ connects to.

You can even define a multi-step workflow to obtain data from multiple systems and then use it to populate the document. Add in the decision engine and your workflow can even do smart calculations based on data from multiple sources.

Not just that but DocQ can even take data from a document and store it into third party systems. This is true multi-system end-to-end automation.

Policy definitions

With DocQ, you can define policies suitable for your organization and business processes at every step of the workflow. Being compliant with requirements has never been this easy.

Use the reminders feature within workflows to ensure you never miss a contract deadline. Create retention policies based on type of document. With the decision engine you can even make all this conditional so that the data in a document determines your policies.

Notifications, document sharing and access, storage and retention, and even things like merging and splitting can be controlled via workflows.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is DocQ better than other similar systems?

We provide more features, integrated to work together, than any other automation system in the market today. DocQ is a one-stop-shop for automating all your business processes without needing to invest in complex integrations or software development. You can create custom workflows that can mimic the most complex business processes, audit every action, secure documents, and even get analytics to improve efficiency of your business.

Is my data secure with DocQ?

Security is at the forefront of the entire design of DocQ. Your data is encrypted with industry leading TLS encryption in transit and multiple levels of AES at rest. ISO27001 compliant architecture and design is pervasive within DocQ. Unlike our competitors, you don’t share servers with others. Each customer has their own instance, so your data’s privacy is always ensured. You can even deploy DocQ on-prem if your organization requires it.

Are your eSignatures legally binding and secure?

Yes! In fact, unlike our competitors DocQ offers the most secure form of eSignatures by combining the signature image with a cryptographic certificate. You can even upload your own digital certificates for secure and legally binding signatures.

How much does DocQ cost?

There are a range of pricing plans available that fit businesses of any size. From sole proprietorships to some of the largest businesses on the planet, we have customers using DocQ to solve their document-based automation needs. Speak to us for a demo and we will ensure we find a plan suitable for you.

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