It’s a Wrap – HR Tech Conference, Las Vegas

Remember back in August, when we shared with you that we were exhibiting at the HR Tech Conference in Las Vegas? Well, we did. We went, we setup, we wore masks, we saw all the things, we met all the people, we ate good food, we exhibited all the demos, we saw all the things, we torn down the booth, and if I’m being honest, then we napped.  However, after a little rest we are back at it and here to share all the details with you.

What is HR Tech?

If you aren’t already familiar with HR Tech, it is the industry’s leading independent event for over 20 years –  which is kind of a big deal. HR Tech focuses on driving HR success through technology and it is perfect for businesses looking to optimize and automate their HR processes. At the conference alone, attendees can explore thousands of products from hundreds of vendors – and as you know, one of those was us.

We setup shop in booth 6811 and got to work. Displays went up, furniture was brought it, boxes were unpacked, demos were run and of course we brought a big prize wheel and had a blast giving away DocQ swag to all our visitors.


The DocQ story was well received by potential partners and future clients. Our team was so excited to get on planes, travel to an industry leading conference and demo the DocQ product in person…through our masks. All in all the event was a hit. In case you didn’t already know, DocQ bridges the gap between ATS and HRIS platforms for not only employee onboarding and but ongoing learning. Hundreds of companies took the time to meet with the DocQ team and hear that message, which left us feeling all the feels.

A few things are clear from this conference. Customers are looking to invest in solutions for streamlining the employee onboarding and ongoing learning process and DocQ is a fit. In addition, this was a great climate for developing new partnerships and DocQ leadership is already engaged with a number of potential strategic partners as a result of exhibiting at HR Tech.

An Added Bonus

Since DocQ is a remote company and some of our employees got to meet each other in person for the first time. Luckily for us, everyone hit it off, and we snuck in a little team building which also involved a lot of great food. We hung out on rooftops and chilled a bit at a bar made of ice.

We are also happy to report that everyone made it back home safe and sound and are already looking forward to the next conference!

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