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DocQ connects with and automates processes across all the tools that your users love. Our robust APIs mean you can even integrate DocQ with your own custom systems. All the power of automation with the applications you already work with.

All the tools your organization uses

Whether your data lives in a CRM, ERP, HRIS, ATS or even on cloud storage platforms, DocQ has out-of-the-box solutions and connectors to help quickly automate your processes end-to-end. Your focus remains on the data, documents and workflows that matter so that all your repetitive processes can be automated.

DocQ will even gather data from multiple systems before automatically generating documents. Combined with workflows, you can automate sharing, reminders, tracking, signatures and much more. In the end, newly captured data can be automatically stored back into CRM, ERP, HRIS and ATS platforms too.

Just some of our out-of-box integrations

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API driven interface

If an out-of-box integration isn’t enough for your use case, then our REST APIs provide a simple solution for your organization to seamlessly integrate every feature of DocQ into your own application.

Encrypted transactions and secure keys ensure that all your data is always secure. Webhooks provide instant notifications and real-time operations across systems.

Low-code custom integrations

Whether your workflow requires parallel, sequential, or even conditional approvals, DocQ has you covered. Easily define your requirements, custom statuses, or even ad-hoc approvers. All actions by users are tracked in an audit trail that makes compliance simple.

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