Revolutionize education with simplified learning management

Automate the creation, delivery, signature, and processing of data in your educational institution. Even deliver analytics enriched educational journeys by embedding content of any kind in an organized path.

Elevate the learning experience for students, staff, and stakeholders

Create digital content, forms, and documents, all connected to a process automation that enables a truly paperless experience at your organization. Craft customized courses that organize a step-by-step program for students, enriched with any media, integrated with testing, and keeping stakeholders (e.g., managers or parents) always in the loop with data analytics to monitor progress even in a remote-learning environment.

Organize any content into a journey

Build an educational journey by stringing together any type of content (video, document, presentation, or web-page) into a personalized path. Assessments, forms, and even analytics included into the process means the most organized remote-learning experience possible.

Analytics for continuous assessment

Data analytics are built into every step of the educational process to enable close monitoring of the learning process. All stakeholders, from instructors, managers, supervisors and even parents for school-goers can be easily kept in the loop. Impart the knowledge necessary, when it is needed and organized as a continuous path of upskilling.


Efficiency and speed

Generate documents, forms and integrate your data so you can deliver your education documents faster.

Paperless process

Convert all your documents and forms into digital versions. Workflows even automate your processes.

Personalized Experience

Reminders and personalized documents ensure that students, faculty, and others are always on-time.

Secure Data

Most stringent ISO27001 grade security with HIPAA, CCPA, GDPR compliance, so your data is safe.

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