Automate your document creation processes

DocQ automates the creation of documents that your organization creates repeatedly. It can even gather data from multiple sources, and take conditional decisions to generate complex documents.

Save time by generating documents automatically

Create templates connected to workflows so that you can automate the document creation process. Complex PDF or Word documents can be assembled by importing data from multiple sources like CRMs, ERPs, ATSs or HRISs and even web-forms. Robust approval processes remove any possible human errors and deals close faster with built-in support for acquiring signatures.

Self-service forms to documents

Collecting data over the Internet is a necessity in the remote-work era. You can create web-forms from document templates, which then generate documents like application forms, human resource agreements, and even contracts for click-wrap agreements.

Dynamic documents connected to CRM

Creating sales documents usually involves tedious processes to gather data from forms, CRMs and even tracking documents via email. DocQ provides built-in integrations to popular CRMs that let you automatically import data and generate accurate documents swiftly.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can document automation from DocQ help me?

With end-to-end document creation, approval and storage automation, DocQ saves you time in generating customized media-rich documents suitable for all purposes. You can even gather eSignatures to close contracts. This automation has been proven to increase up to 60% revenue in your sales process, and save up to 90% of your team’s time in managing document based processes.

Can document generation be integrated with other tools?

Yes! DocQ includes several out-of-the-box integrations that cover many popular CRM, ERP, HRIS and ATS platforms. You can even integrate DocQ with email, cloud storage and database systems. The focus of DocQ is to automate your processes and connect all your data so that you can focus on running your business, rather than creating and managing documents.

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