Viva Las Vegas with us at the HR Tech Conference 2021

We are beyond thrilled to announce that we will be exhibiting at the HR TECH CONFERENCE IN LAS VEGAS THIS SEPTEMBER!! Can you tell we are just a little bit excited? Just a smidge, as they say.

If you aren’t already familiar with HR Tech, it is the industry’s leading independent event for over 20 years –  which is kind of a big deal. HR Tech focuses on driving HR success through technology and it is perfect for businesses looking to optimize and automate their HR processes. At the conference alone, attendees can explore thousands of products from hundreds of vendors – one of those being us.

Of course we are bringing along our fancy products to share with everyone.

First up is DocQ!

We will showcase DocQ and all its HR process automation power. Seriously, DocQ is so powerful it can take processes that are week(s) long and reduce them down to just a few minutes. It’s amazing and a must have tool for anyone who is looking to optimize their business. Utilizing our end to end process automation from ATS to HRIS, onboarding turns into a quick job. The best part is that the decision engine that is the powerhouse driving DocQ is completely customizable so it can be tailored to your specific business process. Need a web form built for applicants to complete? It’s a one click job with DocQ. DocQ can also automate signing flows collecting digital e-signatures and storing audit trails in Blockchain providing a flawless experience for the user. And all of this happens within a no code interface that is friendly for users with varying degrees of technical experience.

Not to be upstaged, Journey will be there too!

We are also bringing along Journey. If you haven’t heard of Journey yet let us introduce you. You can think of Journey as an intelligent LMS (learning management system) but on steroids. Journey which is powered by DocQ has capabilities that no other LMS on the market today possesses. With Journey, you can embed external content, utilize our no code decision engine, automate your entire course/path, customize reports, require e-signature or integrated digital signature, administer tests to knowledge check and so much more. Journey gives users a self service tool to utilize. You can build completely trackable onboarding, annual training courses or any type of educational material and then collect feedback on how it performs so you can tailor and optimize for future users.

Now for the details on where to find us (pssst…Booth 6811).

We’ve snagged a prime spot and will be inhabiting Booth 6811 for three days. Don’t worry we won’t be sleeping in our booth. Upon entering the expo hall at the Mandalay Bay, hang a right and walk almost to the end of the hall then turn left and look for us on your right hand side right before the Solutions theater. We’ll be the ones having a great time bringing a little piece of our work culture to the expo.

If you haven’t already stopped reading and booked your flight now is a great time to get that done. Once you are there swing by our booth and say hello.

Oh and also don’t forget to book your demo slot now – we’d love to show you what our products can do.

Let’s all hope we still remember how to interact with other humans face to face after all this time. We’ll be bringing this little girls energy to the expo so we think we’ll be okay.

We’ll see you in Vegas!

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