Collaboration built for remote teams

DocQ has features that enable structured collaboration for your remote teams. No more getting lost keeping track of documents or exchanging files by emails.

Built-in feature rich collaborative editor

A built-in web-based editor allows teams to work together on documents while workflows deliver structured collaboration. Fully compatible with Word, PowerPoint and Excel our editor delivers high quality documents your customers’ demand. Annotating PDF files has also never been easier with our viewer that lets teams share important messages and red lines.

File sharing with authorized users

Easily share files with internal or external users. You can even determine if a user can view, edit, or download a file while controlling the duration of access provided. Combined with workflows, DocQ also lets you automatically share files with the appropriate people at the right moment.

Reminders and notifications

DocQ always keeps your team up-to-date and on task. Notifications are sent to your team based on actions taken on documents within workflows. Reminders ensure that your teams are delivering documents on-time, while also never missing important moments like contract renewals.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can multiple users edit a Word file together?

Absolutely! Our online editor supports simultaneous collaborative editing of files by multiple internal or external invited users. This reduces time spent on creating documents and abolishes the need for emails to share documents.

Is it possible to annotate PDF files?

Yes! The built-in PDF viewer in DocQ enables you to annotate PDF files. But you can also use our nifty notes tool to pass messages back-and-forth with your team as the document moves within a workflow, or through approvals and rejections.

Is it possible to share files automatically?

Workflows in DocQ let you configure when a file should be automatically shared with pre-defined groups, or people whose contact data can be obtained from third party systems (like CRM, ERP, etc.) or even web-forms. You can even define level of access, and the amount of time access is granted for. All of this can always be done manually on an ad-hoc basis as well.

Can I leave notes for my team?

DocQ lets teams collaborate with each other with the built-in editor, but also via structured collaboration within workflows. Users can leave notes and instructions for their teams as the approve or reject documents within a workflow. Teammates can then act upon these comments and ensure that a document always meets all requirements.

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