Simplify the approval process in your company

DocQ streamlines the entire approval process via workflows, which can designate approvers, create documents, and even obtain signatures.

Save time and money with approval processes

Don’t lose time manually coordinating approval workflows within your organization. DocQ’s workflows automatically keep track of document versioning, signature and approvals. This ensures documents are error-free and increases efficiency too.

Approver groups, conditional approvals, parallel or sequential approvals and structured collaboration are just some of the things in DocQ’s toolchest to accelerate your business processes.

Approval groups and ad-hoc approvers

Create custom groups and roles that can be added to workflows as approvers during a certain step. You can even control who has access and what level of editing permissions. Additional approvers can even be added on an ad-hoc basis if the need arises.

Parallel and sequential approvals

Customize the approval processes to suit your organization’s need. Most companies only need sequential approvals, but our flexible workflows also allow you to obtain approvals in parallel steps. This saves your organization time.

Conditional approvals

Not all documents always need approvals from every approver. DocQ’s Decision Engline enables conditional approvals, so that based on values in a document (e.g. deal size, or discount amount) certain approvers can be skipped, or even included in the process.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I need approvals?

Using DocQ workflows lets you set up an internal process to obtain approvals from one or many users before documents are sent out to customers or prospects. This ensures that error-free contracts and documents are used for critical deals in your organization.

Can I create groups of users as approvers?

Yes! You can mimic your organization’s structure within DocQ by using user groups. These groups can then be assigned as approvers, rather than individual users, so that documents can be approved by types of users in a department, rather than just a specific user.

Can I receive reminders when an approval is delayed?

DocQ always sends reminders to users who need to approve a document. It is even possible to see a queue of all documents that a user must currently act upon.

Is it possible to set approval deadlines?

Sometimes contracts and documents have deadlines associated. DocQ makes it easy to mimic this and setup an expiry time within which an approver must sign.

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