12 Days of Christmas by DocQ

Enjoy our version of 12-days of Christmas, where we highlight new features and provide new and exciting updates on existing plugins. Here we go!

On the first day of Christmas, DocQ gives to me: Form Wizard

The form wizard allows you to create customized webforms with the exact fields as defined in a document template. You can share the access to the form with anyone you want, even with external people. As soon as someone fills in the form, a new document is automatically created in DocQ and populated with the entered information from the form.

Read more about how this awesome feature can be utilized in different scenarios, from simple contact forms to more complex onboarding and/or interview forms.

On the second day of Christmas, DocQ gives to me: Google Docs Add-Ons

Have you ever thought of joining the comfort of a powerful document editor like Google Docs, keeping all your files within the Google ecosystem, while leveraging the organization of controlled shared permissions through the highly customizable workflows in DocQ? I mean, you can still use Google Documents as your main editor, while relying on an efficient backend workflow management that automatically grants and revokes accesses to documents as expected.

Watch our DocQ Google Docs Add-On in action:

On the third day of Christmas … okay, you get the idea: Salesforce Plugin

Salesforce is among the top CRM vendors worldwide. Their platform excels on functionalities related to customer relationships. DocQ integrates into Salesforce, bringing the efficiency and power of handling documents from within an already known interface to your collaborators. You can generate any type of document, automatically pulling data from Salesforce objects and populating document templates, which then undergo all the steps defined in a workflow for that given document, collecting the necessary feedback or even electronic signatures before coming back to Salesforce.

Fourth day: Automated Split of documents

Have you ever had to manually split a document in two or more parts so that you could forward each piece to their respective destination? Manual PDF document splitting can be a hassle, mainly when you have to keep track of the shared parts.

In DocQ the splitting of a document can be defined as part of a workflow, where the resulting parts will follow their individual paths within the system in a seamless way. That’s easy to share and control who sees what part of a document. The entire process of splitting and managing new document versions is automatically controlled for you.

Fifth day: FTP support

FTP is one of the most common ways for transferring files between services. Due to the high demand on the use of our FTP module, we have now implemented the FTP file transfer as a step in workflows. This means that you can define a file transfer to happen automatically during a workflow or at the end of a document lifecycle. Isn’t that cool?

Sixth day: SmartRecruiters plugin update – Form Auto-population

SmartRecruiters is a platform for recruiting and job applicant tracking, used worldwide by large companies usually with high hiring demand. DocQ is integrated into the process of hiring as done through SmartRecruiter’s platform, helping in creating, auto-filling, and organizing the application documents.

Read the Case Study on how DocQ is filling the gap with the onboarding process.

Day 7: Extra layer of access control list

One of our philosophy is: security, security and security. If you think that your system is secure, then you should work harder, to make it even more secure. Nowadays laws such as GDPR in the EU do require that you protect sensitive data efficiently and effectively. That’s exactly what we do in DocQ.

Besides all the layers of cryptography, and strong access control to our platform, we make sure that access to documents is properly handled among the users. As they say: your security is as good as your weakest link. So in DocQ we work hard to not have weak links anywhere.

Day 8: DocQ Mobile – Scanning Docs

Our smartphones are always at a short distance from our hands… I mean, when they are not in our hands 😉 That’s why we created the DocQ Mobile Scanner, as part of the DocQ App for Android and iOS.

With DocQ’s App you can quickly create new documents by using the camera of your smartphone. In a matter of seconds you can create a multi-page document from pictures taken on the spot or selected from your device’s gallery. That’s it! The new document will be on its way through the steps of the workflow you have selected for it.

Watch a tutorial video of our DocQ Mobile Scanner:

9th day: Email Review dashboard

How many times have you accessed the sent email folder to check whether an email has been correctly sent? Don’t worry, we all have! Thinking on that, DocQ now has an email review dashboard, where you can check the status of all the emails that have been sent out through the platform; from simple notifications to emails requiring actions like approving a document version or even the collection of electronic signatures. With a couple of clicks you are able to resend an exact same copy of an email that was previously sent; and even better, you actually know when the email has been opened by the recipient!

10th day: Highly Customizable Email Notification

It is always nice to receive an email that has been tailored to you. In DocQ you can customize your emails, from logo, to message body, to email signature, helping in maintaining a closer relationship with your customers. Besides that, DocQ email notifications are immediately sent, they don’t stumble across long service queues. If you use the DocQ for writing your Christmas letter, we guarantee it will reach Santa before Christmas Eve.

Beware, we are pretty sure our competitors are not as good as we are and your letter might end up at Krampus’ mailbox instead 🙂

11th day: Email Notifications

Too many notifications are never too many, especially when we are talking about making sure that everyone involved in a business process is properly informed of what is going on or, even more crucial, when people are awaiting someone’s action. That’s why in DocQ you can plug in email notifications at any moment during a workflow. No one, no matter how important, will go uninformed anymore. And, with our Email Review dashboard, you have peace of mind that notifications are being delivered to their recipients.

12th day: SMS Notifications

No, that was not enough. You can now add SMS notifications as part of a workflow too! You don’t read your email? Well, at least you will hear the sound of incoming SMS messages to alert you. Holy smokes! Is there anything that is not part of a workflow? This is just getting ridiculously awesome!

Evening of the 12th day: IFTTT Engine (extra)

The last is not the least for sure, but in this case, the last might even be the best!

We are proud to announce our new workflow engine, which implements IF-This-Then-That logic. The IFTTT engine allows for even more flexibility in workflow definitions, adding conditional steps based on, for example, document metadata. Now, on top of the large number of workflow step types that you can create, you can determine when a document should follow through path A or B, that can be completely unrelated to each other. You should definitely try this one out; I guarantee you will be amazed with all that you can accomplish with the IFTTT functionality!

So, there you have it, all 12-days of christmas DocQ style. Hope you will take advantage of all of these new features and contact us, at least to try us out and see how DocQ can simplify your document management for all your business workflow needs.

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